Service of Khao Lak Dental Home

White filling Composite resin

Composite fillings are the well-known used dental filling material.

Some people may know as plastic or white filling. To use this material, our clinic normally uses with back teeth since in general people bite down harder on back

Additionally, at Khaolak dental home, Dr. Wanwalee will first clean up all decay from your teeth if any and then put glue or bonding material inside the hole. Selectively, composite resin e.g. 3M ESPE Filtex is placed into the hole layer by layer. Next, for each of layer, it becomes harder by a special light that we hold over the tooth. When the last layer of filling is hard finally, we shape the filling becoming and feeling


  • Natural: It will be the same color as your nature teeth.
  • Cheaper: Its cost is cheaper than that of gold filling.
  • Fast: Since it is direct filling, normally, it can be wholly completed in only one appointment.


  • Not durable: Comparing to amalgam and gold filling, it would break easily so it may not be last long
  • Comparative expensive: Its cost is higher than that of amalgam

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