Service of Khao Lak Dental Home

Tooth Cleaning

Service of Khao Lak Dental Home

Khaolak Dental Home a professional dental cleaning

Khaolak Dental Home is the first clinic, founded after the tsunami. We prioritize the sterilization system, for sanitary purpose, we have the autoclave machine to clean germs with the disinfectant sterilizing solution. This international standard is the core value that create trustworthiness with our regular patients.

Proper oral hygiene is essential for your smile and dental health. Applying good practices consistently in oral hygiene will prevent your dental health from infections, tooth loss, gum disease and more.

A professional dental cleaning requires several steps. At Khaolak Dental Home, first we remove the bulk of the materials with ultrasonic scaler by using a spray coolant and oscillating at a high frequency like an electric toothbrush; we do the fine “scaling” with precise hand instruments. Then, we polish the teeth to remove the remaining stain and biofilm. Finally, we apply a distinctive fluoride gel to the freshly exposed surface. This fluoride treatment helps protecting the teeth from deterioration and helps preventing the sensitivity

In addition to homecare, it is necessary to have your teeth proficiently cleaned by your dentist. Khaolak Dental Home recommends everyone to have their teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year in the combination of their biannual check-up.

You are welcomed to visit us at Khaolak Dental Home; you would feel that the dental experience is not as distressing as expected. Contact us at 089 588 8558, 076 485 895: Open daily from 11 am to 9 pm.